Where to Find Collaboration Spaces in your City

Corporations and businesses around the United States are slowly transitioning to open plan offices and co-working spaces. Individually customized workspaces are becoming a thing of the past, with communal areas and hot-spotting desks taking their place. There are many benefits associated with such a setup. However, current office buildings are often not built in this way. Staff usually have an office cubicle, and the structure is akin to a rabbit warren opposed to a large, expansive and open space.


As a result, there are usually limited areas within your business premises that can cater for meetings, gatherings, events, or conferences. Your staff, typically, are confined to their individual spaces, and the cost of amending this setup can run into the hundreds of thousands.


For the amount of time you will need such a setup – such as monthly meetings and the occasional new client introduction, business owners don’t see the adaptation cost as worthwhile. As a result, they are looking for collaboration spaces and meeting rooms to rent in their area to accommodate their staff for short periods of time, without the cost of ongoing overheads. It’s just not financially beneficial to move your team to a more ‘on-trend’ business location purely for the sake of keeping up with what’s hot. This is especially true when you may not need such an area very often, and it will sit vacant 90 percent of the time.

However, there is still a need for collaboration spaces, however infrequent the use of them may be. As a result, many office block owners are taking advantage of having a sought-after commodity, hiring out their meeting rooms for other businesses to utilize on a frequent or infrequent basis.

These rooms are typically hired out by the hour or by the day, and feature everything from whiteboards to WiFi, kitchens, bathrooms, multiple meeting nooks, and more. They tick all the boxes for corporate staff meetings and are often well-appointed to public transport.


These meeting rooms and collaboration spaces are all the more common in Chicago, Los Angeles, and Washington, where many head offices are based. As a result, a simple internet search can often bring up several hundred vacant meeting spaces in your area, many of which will suit your needs just perfectly.


Check out these websites below If you believe your team can benefit from an open plan meeting space for monthly sales meetings or even special events. They are just a few of the many offering contemporary office spaces to cater to your every requirement.


Breather is one of the most popular online platforms dedicated to providing people in Chicago, Los Angeles, Washington, and further afield, with adequate collaboration spaces.


There are so many benefits associated with hiring an office space on Breather. Each room is expertly designed for creativity and productivity while providing a range of technological advances for the benefit of your business. There are no membership fees, you can pay by the hour or by the day, and you can even reschedule or cancel your booking as little as two hours before you’re due to arrive. As a result, you won’t lose out if your client cancels at the last minute, or a work emergency has meant a sales meeting has to be rescheduled.


The best part about using Breather as a business owner is how little time it takes. They understand how precious your time can be, so they make the process straightforward and streamlined. Choose a room you like that’s within your budget, check out the features to make sure they will work for you, and then book it. If you require additional tables, catering, or even a guided tour, you can get in touch at any hour of the day or night to arrange it.


Before you arrive, you’ll be given an access code, and you can head up to your booked room immediately after. There’s no need for cleaning up either, as they will arrange for each room to be cleaned before and after your arrival.


If you like your room, or you don’t, you can rate and review it. Doing so can help other businesses decide whether the place you chose will suit them, and you can read other reviews as well.

Meeting Package

Meeting Package is another excellent option for people in Washington, Los Angeles, Chicago, and even overseas. It offers 250,000 meeting rooms, 32,00 venues, real-time availability to avoid double booking and an option for price comparison. It takes just three clicks to book, there are no additional fees, and you can handle and amend your booking as you wish. It takes no time at all to find the meeting room to suit your party, and all that’s left to do is turn up with your team and get productive!


Whether you need a room for two – or many – EVenues can cater to your requirements. By visiting the website, you have access to thousands of meeting rooms that are suitable for hourly or daily hire. There is no minimum hour hire fees, and you can even toggle the search results to show you the highest price and people limit, the lowest, and the closest venues to your exact location as well. The entire process is simple, straightforward, and takes no time at all.

When you’re looking for meeting rooms for hire in Washington, Chicago, Los Angeles, or further afield, there is a host of options to suit your team’s requirements. Shop around, and you’re sure to find the right venue, at the right price, featuring all you need for a successful collaboration session.